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Karin Vial, Linda Roethlisberger

Der Mongole

The Life and Death of Kali-Mongu
2nd edition 2005. ISBN-13: 978-3897674752. With 2 maps, bw/illustrations,
a glossary & a foreword by Lama Dagsay Tulku.

A novel of conflict, karma and compassion, set in Ancient Mongolia 300 years before Genghis Khan.

Let yourself be carried away to the freedom of the grasslands, to the cooking fires of the yurts, where wild horses, sheep and yaks graze beneath snowy peaks! Rich in dramatic events, full of resplendent images and scenery DER MONGOLE depicts the story of a clash of cultures and a spiritual awakening. A buddhist monastery founded by a lama from Tibet, and monks trained in the martial arts take a key role in the unfolding events ...

English spec script available.